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Aapka Swasth Surakshit Hain: Purchase genuine Medicines & Drugs Online from your nearest Pharmacy.

Health is our Ultimate wealth. But when we seek, not only the good care is required, but also to get appropriate medicine to get well.

Running around the city and hoping into pharmacy store to buy prescribed medicine isn't always a good Idea. The shop may be found but one of those prescribed medicine may out of stock there. Here comes the great Idea! dawakhana.co brings to you an online Healthcare Marketplace, which can be accessed for all health needs. It provides a new thinking in Wellness and Healthcare by enabling ease in sourcing genuine medicines from trusted neighbourhood pharmacy stores.

With dawakhana.co, you don't just buy medicine online, it offers several distinguishable features such as the Speed of delivery, Genuine quality and Widest range of medicines, Order tracking system, ease of order fulfilment and Care Management. We are focused towards making medicine accessible and affordable and so give you plenty of options in terms of medicine substitutes. With us, you can know about the composition of medicines prescribed to you by your doctor and search for its cheaper but equally effective substitutes across Kolkata with our Express delivery challenge.

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